Cut the Crap - Make a Big Difference Throwing Away Less

Zero waste is a way of life that promotes the goal of reducing the amount of material we throw away and instead reincorporating by-products of one system for use for another system. When it comes to nature there is no such thing as “waste.” 

Zero waste means redesigning products and processes to avoid and eliminate the toxic waste it provides. Your plastic toothbrush sitting on the bathroom counter is a bigger problem than you realize. Plastic toothbrushes remain in landfills indefinitely alongside many plastic tubes of toothpaste. As they settle into the landfill, they release chemicals into the air. This results in an immense amount of damage to the environment. 

For centuries, a simple toothbrush was made from all naturals materials. Due to the faint days of plastic innovation, these once naturally made tools had become a toxic piece of waste. Through the innovation of zero-waste creators, there is no excuse why anyone would be using a toxic stick to clean their beautiful teeth. Make the switch today and start your journey towards a plastic free life :)